March 19, 2007

Shock Shock Me

This weekend, I fell victim to marketing and downloaded a song from iTunes after seeing it on a Verizon commercial.

It is called "Love Today" by Mika and I love it. I don't care what you say.

When I'm listening to it, I like to be going somewhere because I get to look around at my wonderful city and its colorful denizens. It makes me smile. I was walking to the subway on Sunday listening to this song and a man with hair the color of a nuclear powered pumpkin. It was sweet, but I looked away. I will say this, though: the color of his hair really made his blue eyes stand out.

Anyway, this song is great and you should listen to the commercials and go buy it yourself.

I want to tell you, though. The lyrics may sound like they include curse words, but they don't.

It says, "Mama, Mama, Pappa, shock shock me. Shock shock me." I thought it said, "Mother, motherfucker. Suck, suck me. Suck suck me." And I was quite shocked because obviously that wasn't in the commercial or the little clip iTunes lets you hear.

And the song mentions sex with prostitutes and young women (underaged?) but because it's sung by this man in falsetto you think it's like the Scissor Sisters trying out a new euphemism for sodomy. My point is that the lyric "suck suck me" isn't without supporting context. But I assure you, when I looked up the lyrics this morning, it wasn't that. It was about him waiting until the girl's parents leave to have sex with her.

I'm not really selling this song well, am I?

It's a catchy tune, though, for real.

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