March 17, 2007

Happy St. Pat's?

I went out on the town with some friends last night. We found ourselves in a bar called Stout, which is a large, Irish/English bar. Well, last night, it was completely overrun by Irish folks.

I'm not talking about people like me who are generations removed from Ireland. (My Y chromosome went through Ireland over 200 years ago and before that it was in Scotland. Religious persecution.) I'm talking about people who just got off the boat.

And the bar played only Irish music, which really just means we listened to a CD by U2, a CD by the Coors, and a CD by the Cranberries on shuffle.

I guess it was a fun time, but the bar was full of obnoxious people. There were many attractive guys there, but for every attractive one, there were three unattractive ones. Never mind that they were all straight.

Well, one of my friends and I decided we had had enough and wanted to go home. It was an ORDEAL.

Forget the fact that the streets were covered in slush that, in places, was up to a foot deep. Fortunately, I wore boots.

To get to my friend's house, you have to take the N or the W. Well, the N and the W had no service between 42nd and Queensboro Plaza, which meant that we had to get on the train, get off the train and go to the 7 train and take it to QUeensboro Plaza and then get off the train again and wait for another N or W to go on out to Astoria. AND each train was slow coming and would stop and wait at the stop.

It took over an hour to get home.

My friends have asked if I want to go to the Parade today. There is still slush everywhere. The trains are still crap. And I'm sure that the Irish folks are trying to keep the gays quiet for their parade -- not that I think the gays are listening. But I'm not going.

Instead, when my cartoons are over, I'm going to crack open a book, snuggle down under my covers and read for the better part of the day. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, too!

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