March 19, 2007

Snake Bit

I don't know where it comes from but there's an expression I've heard in the south, "snake bit." It means something like bad luck. If you're snake bit, you're a person to whom bad things are continually happening.

I am not snake bit. I have the distinct pleasure of being a person to whom very, very few bad things ever happen. Sure, I have minor set backs here and there, but by and large my life really is charmed.

I have a new friend here in New York who is snake bit, though.

First, a crazy person came into his building, mugged him and his boyfriend while threatening them with a box cutter. He was chased by his would-be killer and he fell down some stairs and broke his leg very badly.

The mugger got into his building because the lobby door was not locked or monitored. My friend filed suit against the owner of the building for negligence and, last week, the court found the owner guilty, but 0% financially liable. I have no idea what twists of logic brought them to that conclusion, but there it is.

The actual mugging took place eight years ago but my friend had to undergo several painful surgeries to recover and accrued massive hospital bills and legal fees in the process. It also cost him his relationship.

And then on Friday, my friend was attacked by someone else who broke his jaw.

He's a new friend, so I don't know all the ins and outs of his life, but just these few things lead me to say that he's snake bit.

It's just a horrible string of events and my heart goes out to him.

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Ugh, that is terrible!!! My apartment was broken into last Friday and my laptop, a watch, digital camera and my roommate's laptop was stolen. They were able to get in our building because they managed to get the main door open by somehow jimmy-ing the lock or something. Then they kicked in our apartment door. Luckily I wasn't home. I have thought about seeing how liable my landlord is for this since the front door of the building is clearly not very secure. However, since I was not hurt and since I was too stupid to have renters insurance, I am not sure its worth dealing with a bad landlord/tenant relationship. Plus I love my apartment and want to continue to rent when my lease is up.

Sometimes I feel I'm snake bit but honestly I think shit happens...and sometimes it happens more often to some of us than others just because we are in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is sad that your friend lost so much because of one incident. Terrible.

Posted by: Britton at March 23, 2007 02:06 PM
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