September 18, 2007

They Say the Camera Adds Ten Inches

So, the other night I was at home by myself perusing an adult website with pictures of people, shall we say, in flagrante delicto. And I noticed this one guy with a peculiar tattoo that seemed really familiar.

At first, I thought maybe he was very active in his *ahem* industry, but to be frank his *ummm* qualifications were not what one would expect of *ahhhh* a real mover-and-shaker.

And then I remembered: he goes to my gym.

Naturally, I forwarded a link to the web page directly to my personal trainer. Part of me hopes that he's in the gym tonight so that my trainer and I can point and giggle but then part of me wants to put down plastic in the locker room before I touch anything. Although, judging from what I've seen, plastic may have the reverse effect that I desire.

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