February 25, 2007

Hello, Subway Stalker

This evening on my way back to Queens from Manhattan, I went to the Times Square Station to catch the N, W, or R and I settled into the station for my 20 minute wait for the train. I was not there but perhaps five seconds when a gentleman strolled behind me and stood on the platform to my left.

I stole a few glances at him and recognized that I did not find him physically attractive, but deduced that he was probably also checking me out. I made a point to not let him see me looking at him. (Among us gays, allowing someone to see you checking them out is the first step in initiating a flirtation.)

I read my book while I waited.

When the train came, he got on my car and walked around as if to look for a seat, but returned to the front of the car and sat right next to me for the entire ride.

He didn't say anything, but he shifted nervously a little. Since we were in the little two-seater spot at the front, his every move took place against my hip. I continued to read my book.

I noticed him looking over my book and whatnot. When I got off, I noticed him watching me walk away from the train.

But not once did he even attempt to strike up a conversation on our 15 minute train ride together.

Fortunately, he didn't get off at my stop. That would have been too weird.

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