May 25, 2006

To Buy or Not to Buy

I collected comic books in middle school. I stopped buying them because they were expensive and the publishers were doing lots of things that pissed me off, e.g. multiple covers, special covers, artists (JIM LEE) who start things but don't stick with it, and boring stories.

Even so, I enjoy comic books. Especially pretty ones.

Well, I went and bought the two compilations of Astonishing X-Men the other day because Joss Whedon writes them and Joss is an excellent story teller. About the art, I'll be brief: it sucks. But the story is interesting.

Anyway, so, now I kind of want to start buying Ultimate X-Men. I need to check out the art, but I've heard that the story is interesting.

Sidebar on Michael Hartney: He's fun, fun, funny. I found his blog a few months ago and I lurk it. He's also smokin' hot. What's up with me and red heads lately? Anyway...

Before I go out and start buying up comic books, I'm really wondering if I'm the kind of guy who buys comic books. I'm not so sure.

1) I'm impatient. I HATE waiting for the next installation of a story.
2) I hate ugly comic books. I have to force myself to tolerate a good story (Astonishing X-Men) with ugly art and I am not very inclined to do so. It will probably be several months before I remember Astonishing X-Men.
3) I have a short memory. Out of sight, out of mind. If I have to wait for the next installation, I will probably forget about it entirely.
4) I'm cheap. Comic books are expensive. I don't know if you knew, but it's true. For 22-ish pages you can expect to spend $2.50, provided there's not some special, foily, hologram, pop-up cover or anything like that.
5) I do not have space for comic books in my apartment. The ones I have are taking up too much space as it is.

So, I'll contemplate this further, but we know what that means: I'll forget I was thinking about it and then I'll suddenly remember while at work and run over to Midtown Comics on my lunch break, spend money I oughtn't, and be tickled for about five seconds until I forget it again.

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