April 18, 2006

In Which I Plan on Leaving My New Job

So, I realized yesterday that my new job is a step back in terms of responsibility and the actual mental challenge of the work. It may sound awful, but I am overqualified for this position. It's ok, though. It's a bit more technical and the business is much more in line with my goal of pursuing a career in marketing, so I'll get good resume material out of it.

But I resolved yesterday that in less than a hear (9 months-ish) I will either have a clear path to an immediate promotion or I will be updating my resume and starting a new job search.

It may sound terrible to be planning an exit strategy as soon as I walk in the door, but this is business. The facination I have with this job is superficial and will be completely exhausted within 6 months at most. After that, I will be merely refining my personal approach to specific challenges here and showing people how they ought to be doing this work.


Like, right now, I've completed several very small projects successfully at this point and my first medium-size project is ahead of schedule in spite of the bumbling of some other folks in the chain. That's just how I do.

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