October 02, 2007

I Banned You Because You're Stupid

I am far less patient with commenters on my site than most people. I will delete comments and ban people quite readily. Recently, a commenter came to my site and decided to try my patience with this style of argumentation:

Me: Even though Y is the most popular solution, sometimes X is the correct approach.

Them: So, you think you should never Y?

Me: No, don't be stupid. You should do Y when that's the right thing to do, but Y isn't always the right thing to do, so you should do X when appropriate.

Them: I can't believe you called me names! AND you think you should never Y. This is the opposite of everything anyone has ever said about this topic ever. Y is better than X. I can give numerous examples of cases when you should do Y and I am just going to pretend like you haven't given reasons or explanation about why you might X because OBVIOUSLY the topic of your post was about the fact that you should never do Y.

Me: I'm deleting your last comment and banning you from this site, you idiotic, obtuse asshat.

See, I don't respond well to people with very poor reading comprehension skills and even weaker powers of reasoning. I've been known to skim over an important qualifying phrase before, so I cut people a little bit of slack, but there is a limit to even my vast oceans of generosity and patience.

So, gentle readers, please be warned. This ain't the Old Testament. I don't always give you directions for avoiding the smite, but I am god on my little blog. Tremble ye before my mighty IP banning powers!

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