October 02, 2007

My Letter to Robin & Company

As you may recall, I wake up every morning to CNN HNN's Robin & Company.

I love Robin. She's pretty and she's perky. She's a little bit silly and a total sweetheart. When I first started watching her, I loved how she would call out "Good morning, sunshine!" as if she were really talking to me. Again, she's a little bit silly and a sweetheart, but I love it. So, I would say, "Good morning, Robin!"

Well, lately, she has been saying, "morningsunshine" and it's more like a cast-off phrase. I do NOT like that at all. It's insincere and I do not need that in the morning from my newscasters. So, I had to write a letter.

Hi, Robin!

I've been watching you for a few years now. I started watching when I lived in Jefferson, GA and for a long time you've been a dose of sunshine and sweetness even when I'm sleepy or the weather is gray. I especially look forward to hearing you chirp, "Good morning, sunshine!" and I used to say back to you, "Good morning, Robin!" and bounce out of bed. How could anyone stay sleepy or sad after that??

But lately, I've noticed that you've been saying your trademark "Good Morning, Sunshine" more like an afterthought. And it's rushed like "morningsunshine."

Now, as mentioned, I adore you but I would prefer that you not say it if you're going to say it like that. That is not really sunshine.

Please give Bobby, Jennifer, and Richard my best and thank your production staff as well.

Have a great day!


I hope she reads my note and takes it to heart because the "morningsunshine" thing really bugs me.

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