October 01, 2007

Movie Review: Resident Evil: Extinction

Mister Bookworm and I saw Resident Evil: Extinction this weekend.

Before I dig into the movie, I just want to say that I love Milla Jovovich. She is strikingly beautiful and I love her as an action hero. I loved her in The Fifth Element and as Ultraviolet (even though that movie sucked). She has good moves and she looks great.

So, this movie is pretty dumb.

I have only a hazy memory of them, but as I recall, the last two movies were exciting and there was this undercurrent of mystery about the Alice character. This movie lacks mystery. Actually, saying it lacks mystery is a bit of an understatement. The movie has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer and I'm saying that with full awareness of the fact that this is a shoot 'em up zombie movie.

I guess it's a compliment to say that there were lots of parts that were surprising and made me and Mister Bookworm jump, but none of those parts were all that inventive.

The most irritating part about it to me was the ending. I hate hate HATE when the main conflict of a film remains unresolved at the end. If minor conflict remains unresolved and that leaves it open for another movie, I'm find with that. You know, like if the bad guy's hand bursts from under the rubble or something. That's fine. But if you start out the movie saying, "We have to stop the Umbrella Corporation" and everything people do is trying to get to that and at the end you still haven't done it... Well, that pisses me off. Pirates of the Caribbean 2 did that and I didn't like that either.

So, basically, I didn't much care for this movie. Would I recommend it to you? Wait for it to come on the SciFi channel.

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