October 01, 2007

New York City Charges More to Avoid Mechanical Ineptitude

I know you all stay riveted to your televisions, newspapers, and globular tubal-webs for news about NYC, so I don't have to tell you that the MTA has proposed some pricing changes for subway rides.

It's actually kind of smart in terms of revenue management. The current price is $2 per ride all day long. They're changing this to $2.25 for rides during peak hours and just $1.50 during off-peak hours.

This in itself doesn't affect me too much because I buy the 30 day metrocards. Unfortunately, the price of those is going up from $76 to something like $82. Anywhoodles, that's not what I want to tell you about.

I have just learned from Subway Blogger that the reason the hike is $2.25 instead of just $2.10 is actually because the Metrocard machines can't dispense dimes.

WCBSTV.com: Commuters: MTA Fare Hikes 'Turnstile Injustice'

As CBS 2 HD reported Tuesday night, one reason the MTA is seeking a 25-cent fare hike instead of just 10 cents is because the machines don’t deal in dimes, only quarters and nickels. Buying a $2.10 ticket with a $5 bill would give you 58 nickels or 11 quarters and 3 nickels in change, which is why they say they dealing with quarters is more convenient for everyone. Almost everyone.

I like the subway a lot, but I also have a long list of complaints. To make matters worse, I don't believe that this fare hike is going to address any of those complaints. Most of it will likely go to placating those surly little autocrats employed at the MTA.

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