April 02, 2007

F to the E R G to the I E

Flibby: I wonder why I don't own any Black Eyed Peas albums

Friend: they are fun

Flibby: I agree... people be hatin' on Fergie too much
Flibby: She's probably not right in the head, but that's ok.
Flibby: It's not her head anyone is interested in.

Friend: she was a meth addict
Friend: i think shes doing pretty well for all that shit she did

Flibby: Serious
Flibby: I bet her house is clean

Friend: hahaha

Flibby: Even if she pees her pants.

Friend: shes is a professional taht doesnt want to let her fans down
Friend: she is not a pee in the pants-er

Flibby: That ain't what I heard...
Flibby: http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/celebrity/Fergie+s+pee+confession-7553.html

Friend: no
Friend: she def peed on stage
Friend: im just saying its because she is so professional

Flibby: Oh, def. Without a doubt. Clearly.

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