October 20, 2006

Sexually Confused

I haven't mentioned this before because it kind of freaks me out a little bit, but I can't hold it in any longer.

There is this girl in my office who completely turns me on.

She's got this whole sexy librarian look going.

She has beautiful, smooth, creamy skin and cheeks that look like they were kissed by pink roses. She is sort of tall and holds herself with confidence and poise, but somehow she manages to come off as petite and extremely feminine. It's not like she's a supermodel or anything, but she is so beautiful!

Great legs. Don't get me started.

I'm totally gay and all but this woman is so frikkin' attractive.

Posted by Flibbertigibbet at October 20, 2006 08:59 AM | TrackBack

Clearly you need to get laid. By a guy.

Posted by: Britton at October 22, 2006 10:50 AM

I'll take her off your hands. Hook me up!

Posted by: Shawn at October 22, 2006 01:42 PM
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