August 03, 2006

A Series of Facts About Where I Work

It's hot in the office again today.

They bought us ice cream to fight the heat.

The remaining ice cream is melting.

The remaining ice cream is in the freezer.

Someone just shouted "Show me your bootyhole."

Every time our General Manager wants the Art Director to go smoke with him, he walks up and says, "Burn, baby, burn."

Sometimes he sings it, but other times he just says it.

He often yells "KID!" to one of the sales guys.

They bought us beer to fight the heat.

A bird was injured out on the deck.

The bird is now called "Mortimer."

Mortimer lives in a large Raisin Bran box on the cabinets over one of the sales guy's desk. It's the sales guy called KID!

Someone just opened a bottle of red wine, so I get to join in the business drinking now.

Our General Manager often yells, "WATCH OUT!"

One day he played that "Bad day" song over and over again for about two hours.

He stopped when one of our account managers went into his office and yelled at him telling him he can't do that to everyone else in the office.

Our Office Manager is an Italian lady with orange hair. We call her "Babs" but that's not her name.

She has the voice of a chain smoker and the accent of a Jersey resident.

She quit smoking a few weeks ago, but she does still live in Jersey.

She yells at our general manager a lot because he always tries to make her angry. She gets angry easily.

She gets especially angry when people make a mess and don't clean up after themselves.

This morning, she told the GM to go do things for himself if he didn't like how she did them. After several minutes of them yelling back and forth, she told him to shut up. He said she was being selfish.

Then, she went to the breakroom and saw that the delivery guy had delivered the ice-cream, but no one had put it in the freezer. Then she yelled about that to no one in particular. I heard because I sit right next to the break room.

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