August 03, 2006

Oh No He Di'n't!

Did you watch Project Runway last night? I know you did!

Wasn't that so dramatic when Keith got kicked off for cheating?! And isn't it just like him to deny that he used them to any unfair advantage and attempt to erode the fact that he broke the rules.

Did you listen to Tim's pod cast? You totally should. It's full of juicy details.

I didn't like Angela's bolero jacket thingamabob. The whole outfit reminded me of that catsuit Santino made last season in the designer make-over episode.

Team Bonnie really did stink up the joint. I love Nina Garcia and her bitchy "I hate those pants!"

Team Barbie guy was a disappointment. Usually his stuff is cool, but this time it wasn't.

So, anyway, I have it on my DVR if you want to come over and watch it again.

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