June 14, 2006

Flibby's Blood Pressure

I'm working from home this morning as mentioned. Well, I'm sitting here, so I figured that I would take my blood pressure just to see how it is.

125/74 at 79bpm

My monitor is really neat. It stores 99 measures and averages them for me!

Here's what I've had so far:

126/69 at 63bpm
128/74 at 63bpm
125/74 at 79bpm
Average: 126/72 at 68 bpm

The little book that came with it says:

Optimal <120/<80
Normal <130/<85
High Normal 130 - 139/85 - 89

Even at higher beats per minute while I'm sitting here working (and snacking on SALTY crackers and cheese!) my blood pressure is lower.

And in all instances it's normal.

I'm starting to think that I don't have high blood pressure afterall. I'll keep you posted.

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