May 29, 2006

All Hail the Man Purse!

I am happy to say that I have finally found a man purse that makes me happy.

Life in Manhattan demands 1) lots of walking and 2) general preparation for lots of conditions.

- It may rain at any moment, so you need an umbrella
- Being prompt is, apparently, not a cultural standard here any more than it was in Georgia, so you need a book to read.
- Crazy people are everywhere, so you need a camera.
- It might be very sunny, so you need sunblock.
- You might sweat a little bit, so some extra deodorate wouldn't hurt.
- I carry a flashlight, because that's how I am.
- I also carry pens and a notepad, because, again, that's how I am.
- I carry a subway map.
- I don't like carrying my wallet and keys in my pants because it makes my pants look funny.
- You might get thirsty, so you need a water bottle.
- You might get hungry, so you need snacks. I carry almonds, cashews, or goldfish.
- You need your iPod, because this is New York and everyone has one.

The point is that there are LOTS of helpful things one might carry around with them and the man purse is supremely helpful.

I, personally, have adopted the messenger bag style because I think it isn't very purse-like and I can carry it across my chest without much trouble.

I love the man purse. I actually own two of them, and my sister said she's found a third for me. This will help me match them to my outfits.

Obviously, that's optional.

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