May 24, 2006

Things My Family Saw in New York

- The Subway
- Ground Zero at the World Trade Center site
- The FDNY museum
- The NYPD museum
- The South Street Seaport
- The city from the observation deck of the Empire State Building
- The city from the observation deck of Rockefeller Center
- Soho
- Greenwich Village
- Chinatown
- Little Italy
- Nolito
- Murray Hill
- The Financial District
- Wall Street and Trinity Church
- Hell's Kitchen
- Midtown
- Chelsea
- Times Square
- The city from the deck of the Circle Line sight-seeing tour boat
- The Statue of Liberty
- Ellis Island
- Central Park
- 3 boroughs: Queens, Brooklyn, & Manhattan
- Three bridges up close: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg
- The Staten Island Ferry (We used the restrooms in the terminal, but didn't ride the boat.)

And a host of homeless people, crazies, hippies, hipsters, suits, and regular, old, New Yorkers.

All in three days of being tourists.

I may post some photos another time.

My sister doesn't like New York. My dad thinks it's neat but wouldn't want to stay here long. My mom loves New York.

My little studio apartment really isn't a great space for four pretty tall adults. And certain members of my family are very fussy and tend to get all primadonna when the group doesn't do exactly what she wants to do.

I think they all had a good time, though. I'm probably happier they're gone than they are.

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