May 22, 2006

My Family is Driving Me Crazy

My family is terribly indecisive.

Flibby: Ok! What do you guys want to do next?
Family: I dunno. I don't care. Where ever everyone else wants to go.
Flibby: Ok! Well, we could go to Chinatown or walk around Times Square. We could go eat early and then get something more later on. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see or do while you're here?
Family: I dunno. I don't care. Where ever everyone else wants to go.

Bear in mind that I made an itinerary for my family which outlined major activities and left time for odds-n-ends should something shiny catch their eye and delay us at any point. Shiny things are very common even in the dullest of places for my family.

I've also compiled a list of restaurants and optional activities (including estimated duration, transportation, and location) so that they don't have to try to think of anything on their own. They can just choose.

But my family is indecisive.

I can usually deal with indecisive, because I am a person who is not afraid to make decisions. "Oh, you're unhappy with this? What would you rather do? Oh, you don't know? Well, let me know when you think of something."

Here's the bad part, though: They're also fussy.

And by "they" I really just mean my sister.

Pardon the profanity, but she is someone who can find the shit in ice cream. She's also boorish, cross, and boring. I don't like her. The only reason she was invited into my house is because my mom invited her along on this trip and I tolerate my mother's decisions like that.

So, she complains about everything. "I don't like these pickles." "The subway smells." "That man is crazy."

First of all, if you don't like the damn pickles, don't eat them. Second, it's the subway, what did you expect? Third, he's not wearing any pants and he's talking to God. Thank you for keeping us up on current events in Obviopolis.

Anyway... I'm going nuts. Just one more day, though, and they head back. I probably won't see my sister here again for a long time, if ever. Same with my dad.

Ok. I have to go to bed now before I freak out on them.

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