May 08, 2006

What Am I Doing?

No idea. Absolutely not idea.

I've been meeting some new people recently, so I'm trying to be sociable and friendly. But it's not really anything going into detail about.

Oh! You'll never believe...

I was down in Soho this weekend with a couple of my new girlfriends eating a light supper when a man approached me. It turns out it was a distant acquaintence of mine from Athens! Yeah! Athens, Georgia!

He was in one of my classes for a half a second in school and he used to manage one of my favorite restaurants. It was really crazy to see him.

We exchanged numbers, so maybe we'll hang out some time. (It's not like that -- he's totally not my type at all.) It was good to see a familiar face, too.

Anyway, it's just work and carrying on in the big city for me.

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