May 04, 2006

The Gayest Movie He Could Make

I went to see Another Gay Movie last night at the Tribeca Film Festival.

This pretty much explains the whole thing:

High school is over and now it's time for anal! That's the gist, and the whole kit-and-caboodle behind this jaw-dropping, screamingly juvenile and gay send-up to summer teen flicks.

There were funny parts in the film, but mostly it was just really vulgar.

But what can you expect from a movie that is intended to be a gay version of Not Another Teen Movie? The director was there and he said that he wanted to make the gayest movie he could possibly make.

The BEST part of the evening, though, was the two hour wait in line with reader Amy Stern and friend. Both ladies were hilarious and fun. I had a great time!

Thanks, Amy!

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Hey, anytime you want to talk about pregnancy, extreme obesity, and drinking on the job, you know who to call!

Posted by: Amy at May 4, 2006 08:15 AM
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