April 20, 2006

I'm the Devil

I have a cold right now, which has thankfully turned into less sore throat and more runny nose, and I'm at work.

I've been at work the whoooollle time.

That's right. Spreading cooties all over the office.

This weird guy hugged me the other day (Sales people are insane) for no reason and I told him I'm sick and he said he didn't care because he is healthy. I think it's because he's a slob and lives in a petri dish; I haven't seen where he lives, but I can tell he's like that. But our IT guy stayed home today because he's sick and so did one of the HTML monkeys. Other people are wailing about being sick, too.


Hopefully, it's not West Nile Virus. There was a mosquito in my apartment the other day. I am sure I can kill West Nile Virus dead, but I can't speak to the resilience of my coworkers.

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