July 21, 2005

Guess Who's Getting Scammed

As you all know, I am looking for roommates for my house. I've put ads up all over the place; I don't even remember where.

Well, today I got an email that sounded like a good lead:

I am sarah I am a graduate of Limerick University, UK and work as a professional network engineer. I am currently working on contract for my company sam inc. here in Africa. I am a very dedicated individual who is totally committed to human development, friendly, very trustworthy and value relationship above anything. I love travelling, sporting and enjoy meeting people. I dont smoke but do not mind people who do being around me. I am cool headed and easy going person with no criminal record and like to have a roommate or neighabour who is very responsible and understanding, someone i can really get along with.I saw your advert and i am sincerely interested in the room advertised as i will like to move to as soon as i leave here please i will love to hear from you .thanks

Now, I know British people can't spell and that they do crazy things with punctuation, so I kind of let that go without further pause and I replied:

Hello, Sarah!

I would be very happy to schedule an interview and
tour of the house at your convenience. When would you
be available to come by?

You may reach me by telephone at 123.555.1234


(Natch, that's not my phone number.)

My only thought at this point is, "I don't care that you're in Africa, you're not moving into my house without me meeting you first." No alarm bells or anything.

But, then, completely as a joke, I sent the email to a friend of mine being prissy about the spelling and punctuation. (Note to my friends: your friend is a dork.)

And he's like, "Funny you should mention it. That sounds like a scam. Don't give her any money."

And I'm like, "Duh. I don't give people money. She's going to give me money."

But he sends me a link to this article about the Nigerian Roommate Scam. And then I reflect back on Clark Howard who gave the SAME warning.

So, basically, I think my lead is bogus. *sigh*

Update: I got a reply:

Hello, I appreciate your urgent reply a lot am not in the state for now and am 23 years of age i like playing with pets such as cat and dog,i don't smoke and also dont party much Iam cool headed and easy going person. i will want to move in at anytime from now and am okith thw price i will be very happy if you can rent the room to me, am of all the quailities you want and i will want you to know that about filling application that will be the first thing to do immediately i get to the state because i know that it is compulsory ,about the payment i told you that the payment will be made by my ex boss it is my last payment but the amount of the check is $3950.

when you get it you will deduct the payment of one month and you will send the remaining funds to my flight agent so that i can use it to book my flight to get the check you will have to reply me with your fullname,address and phone number please get back to me as soon as possible and i will be vary happy if you can send me some pics of the room.thanks

Yeah. Shady ol' Sarah Jim won't get any love from me. My reply:



Posted by Flibbertigibbet at July 21, 2005 01:13 PM | TrackBack

I'll move in with you, dude. I've been thinking about leaving NYC and moving out into the wilderness.

Posted by: Matt Chancellor at July 22, 2005 05:27 PM


And it's not so much the wilderness now that I have Dish Network AND DSL.

It's almost like civilization!

Posted by: Flibby at July 25, 2005 02:23 PM

There's civilization west of the Hudson?! I've got to get the Post on the phone... ;)

Posted by: Matt Chancellor at July 26, 2005 04:43 PM
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