July 13, 2005

More Good News About School

I met with my undergraduate advisor for philosophy yesterday to see how many classes I will have to take and the final tally is: 8 classes!


This means that when I start in January, I will only have to complete 15 classes for my double major. I will also probably pick up a few semesters of German while I'm there and I will still be able to get out in 2 years.

Of course, I do have to complete two classes this semester via independent study, but they're easy. One is symbolic logic and the other is introduction to ethics. What's more, my advisor invited me to audit his symbolic logic lectures, so I will get a real class for the price of an independent study class.

... if I can convince my boss to let me.

I also found out that Starbucks offers medical, dental, vision, 401K, and stock options to even its part-time employees. If I can't find a posh restaurant to teach me to be a waiter, Starbucks is going to be up on my list of places I might want to work. (Although, I've heard that they're a little nuts, there, so I approach that with caution.)

Still no roommates. *sigh*

I figured out that for $500 a month I can even include utilities. This is bargains!

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