July 03, 2005

Squish & Doug's Hollywood Premier

Ok. The kittens turned 10 weeks yesterday. They're learning some manners, but they still get pretty rowdy.

After the whole poop-on-dad-while-he's-sleeping-and-hung-over incident, I asked them to please sleep in the bathroom near their litter box and that seems to have worked well. I also bought them another litter box and put it at the other end of the house and they like that, too.

So, they've been really good and last night I decided to try to let them sleep outside of the bathroom. Naturally, they climbed up on my bed and started biting my ears and attacking my hair. When they finally settled down to be quiet, they wanted to sleep right next to my head and before falling asleep they started purring so loudly that I am sure the neighbors were about to call the cops.

So, after about 2 hours of me not sleeping, I got up and put them in their bathroom. We might try the sleeping outside of the bathroom thing again tonight, but I will hopefully get to bed a little earlier so I can deal with all of that a little better.

Meanwhile, I was playing with the video feature on my camera and I have three videos of Squish and Doug to show you!

It's kind of like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, minus the crazy names and magic and it's also sort of like Star Wars but the acting is better. Remember: Squish is the black one and Doug is the grey one. Squish decided that her primary job is to look hot and appeal to the 18 - 35 male crowd. Doug just wanted to make sure the action was good, so we called in Jet Lee to consult.

That's all. I'll stop talking. Just watch the videos.

The Grotto of Forbidden Desire (15Mb) - In which Doug and Squish discover a secret cave full of danger and treasures like gatorade bottle caps. The heroes have immediate chemisty, but there is trouble in paradise! How could such a beautiful woman be the enemy? How could a Greek god of a man be so pig-headed? The passion! The conflict! The giant foot and naked knee!

Squish Does Dallas (15Mb) - I'm still working on the title for this one, but it opens in a foreign land. (We actually filmed it on location in Burma where Squish adopted the first of what will probably be several Asian children. And when I say "adopted" I really mean "bought" because she does not have time for paperwork.) Anyway, Doug sees Squish in the arms of another man. A jealous fight breaks out between the two and they split up for a bit. Doug goes to confront the man and realizes that the other man is not important. Instead, he must confront the real issue: his feelings for Squish. They have another encounter, but Squish pushes him away. She wants him desperately and regrets that he saw her with that other guy. "He means nothing to me!" she cried. Now, there is nothing but silence. She watches Doug from afar and sighs, "No one ever told me being a spy would be easy."

Chicken-Flavored Skye Vodka (11Mb) - I used a Bourne-Supremacy-meets-Cops camera style in this one to reflect the inner turmoil our heroes are experiencing, so this one is a little more arty than the previous two. Very Kubrick. Our trilogy returns to the Grotto of Forbidden Desire only now our heroes are working out their differences. They both realize they are inextricably a part of one another's lives, but they don't know what that means because they don't speak the English that well yet because they're 10 weeks old. Give them a break! Also, how do they stop the plague of giant hands that threaten civilization? (See how I set it up for another sequel? That's good filmmaking right there.)

We still have some post-production work to do, and I have to compose the score, but I'm thinking this will be the summer blockbuster of 2006, 2007, and 2008.

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Before anyone comments about the love interest between a brother and a sister, I want to point out that they're not brother and sister in the movie. This is what we in Hollywood call ACTING, ok? Squish and Doug are professionals.


Posted by: Flibby at July 3, 2005 10:14 AM

Very cute! You've got a defnitie future in the action movie industry.

(The link for #3 is pointing to #2.)

Posted by: Jim at July 3, 2005 01:19 PM

Fixed! Thanks!

Posted by: Flibby at July 3, 2005 11:34 PM
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