July 03, 2005

It's a Beautiful Gorram Life!

I drove over to Atlanta last night and met the Ice Scribe and her husband, M. We had dinner at a really good steak house and do you know what? They are absolutely wonderful people.

I was about 25 minutes late because I got lost. It worked out fine, because Ice Scribe had planned on us spending some time in conversation at the bar and set the reservation for 30 minutes later.

From there, things got rolling quite well. The conversation was spectacular. Not only are they Objectivists, but they've read and experienced tons of things outside of OPAR or Atlas Shrugged. Don't mistake me: there's nothing wrong with learning from theory, but it is quite another to have observed the theory in practice before.

And we talked and ate some delicious steak and talked and had good wine and talked and ate dessert and talked and talked and talked. Eventually, we moved away from our table and back toward the bar to let our waiter go home. And we talked and talked. Then we had to leave because the restaurant was closing.

It was brilliant. Meeting wonderful people is very life-affirming and inspiring.

I can't wait to visit with them again.

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