September 07, 2007


I absolutely hate driving in traffic. I also hate driving where there are stop lights and things.

I often say, "I hate driving," but that's not really the case. I don't like driving around other people and I don't like having to stop. I really just like to go fast and zoom around places.

In Georgia, I used to love driving in the early evening in the fall with my windows rolled down and my radio turned way up -- provided the traffic wasn't very heavy. Highway 85 was great because the police didn't patrol it very often. I would regularly drive to Atlanta at an average speed at about 80 mph.

As long as people follow the general rules of courtesy (don't be slow in the fast lane!) then it was a pleasure to move along the road.

Before I had decided to move to NYC, I was giving serious thought to buying a motorcycle. Buddhista had convinced me to put a Honda Nighthawk at the top of my list of bikes to consider.

I generally dislike being "in transit" because if I'm going somewhere, I want to be where I'm going and not in between where I was and where I want to be. But I understand the joy of going -- when I'm not focused on being at my destination.

Anyway, getting to my point. Some people have a much stronger ability to focus on the going and they like cars. They like dealing with car stuff and tinkering under the hood and all that. (I do not like tinkering under the hood.) And there is a really fun show on television that reader Matt Chancellor directed me to. It's called Top Gear from the BBC.

They are a hoot! They do all kinds of crazy things with cars. In this clip, they race an Evo against a bobsled.

There's a video on YouTube of them pitting a Range Rover against a tank, too, that's lots of fun.

So, anyway, if you like cars, you might want to watch this show because it seems really fun.

Posted by Flibbertigibbet at September 7, 2007 03:39 PM | TrackBack

Do you still have your car? The Bronx River Parkway at 4am on a Sunday is amazing (and no traffic to annoy you).

This last weekend I drove down to D.C. from the City. I left at 5am, to get ahead of the traffic and I managed 105mph all the way down. Spectacular.

Posted by: Matt Chancellor at September 7, 2007 04:15 PM

No. I still think about getting a motorcycle sometimes, but I really don't know what I would do with it when I wasn't riding it.

Plus, I really don't have a need for motorized transportation right now.

Oh and there is no way I will be up at 4am trying to drive places.

Posted by: Flibbert at September 7, 2007 05:00 PM

Wow! I was totally going to mention Top Gear in my previous comment, but I figured "nah, he won't go for it." But now you have! I think you've got all of my top TV programs now. You rock, Flib!

Posted by: Inspector at September 7, 2007 06:23 PM

I have to drive 45 minutes each way to/from work. I know many people have much longer commutes, but I'm sick of mine. I've subscribed to Sirius as well as I also download music to my phone.

If you'd consider investing in some of these, you could more easily pass the time, whether in a car or on a train. (Sirius has carry-along accessories for pedestrians.)

It's expensive to maintain sanity, doncha know!

Posted by: Rachel at September 7, 2007 07:04 PM
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