September 06, 2007

Is This Because of the Atomic Bombs or Global Warmings?

Reuters: Leech invasion makes residents see red

TOKYO (Reuters) - Long confined to the mountains, Japanese leeches are invading residential areas, causing swelling, itching and general discomfort with their blood-thirsty ways.

That's right. Land leeches.

I think I speak for everyone who has never heard of such a thing before when I say, "What in the name of Athena's bull-testical bedazzled aegis?!?!"

They crawl into your socks and they're just a smidge longer than a half inch and they crawl out six inches long.

Here's my favorite part, though:

The real problem is that the bleeding won't stop and the affected area swells up and really itches.

Oh, yes. That is quite a problem, and it certainly does get one's attention, but I don't know if it really surpasses the importance of the basic fact that herds of land leeches are roving the suburbs of Japan.

The non-stop bleeding is a result of the first and I don't think that if you took the non-stop bleeding away that it would be ok to just let this go on. I don't care what the land leeches are doing, but they really aren't allowed to do it around me unless they are being carefully supervised and I certainly do not want to find out they've been napping in my socks.

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In general I consider leeches very unpleasant and even disgusting creatures!

Posted by: Frank at September 12, 2007 01:59 AM
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