August 16, 2007

Don Watkins Excommunicated!!

Diana Hsieh has announced that Don Watkins has left Noodlefood. The official story is that Don Watkins -- whose commentary I've enjoyed for several years -- is becoming quite accomplished at ARI and as a result he can't blog any more.

For the naive, this is sad because Don won't be on Noodlefood, but really great because it means that he is getting to be very accomplished and successful in supporting Objectivism.

But obviously something is afoot at ARI because this can't possibly be the case. Someone MUST have been excommunicated. I would be surprised if there were contracts on lives out there for someone who talked to a Libertarian one time.

What's your crackpot theory about what Don Watkin's departure from Noodlefood means to Objectivists?

Lest anyone misunderstand, this post is jest. I am sad that I won't hear from Don any more via Noodlefood, but I look forward to his writing for ARI. I am also pleased that he has been successful and wish him only the best.

Posted by Flibbertigibbet at August 16, 2007 01:50 PM | TrackBack

Maybe he jizzed all over it like in that thing he wrote for the Atlashphere like a million years ago.

Posted by: Marnee at August 16, 2007 08:41 PM
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