August 06, 2007

How Not to Sell Stuff

Soooooooo... a certain New York firefighter has an enormous penis and washboard abs.

I know about the abs because the FDNY calendar was released last week. (See? that's him on the cover.) It's full of humpy firefighting menfolk. I kind of think it is un-American that none of you guys offered to buy it for me.

Well, it's too late now.

The news of this young, ripped, sweaty, axe-toting young man's endowment* broke on the global intarwebs because he appears in a 2004 edition of Guys Gone Wild. Apparently, he waves it around or something. I honestly have not seen it, so I do not know.

I do intend to find out as soon as I'm at home, though. These are the internets. We have our ways. (NSFW) Provided I have an internet connection at home when I get there, of course.

Well, because Mister Michael Biserta went waving his wang around in front of a camera, FDNY has announced that they aren't selling any more of these calendars.

I don't get it.

They didn't know that he was in that video. They aren't condoning that behavior; they could even issue a statement saying they don't condone the behavior. But they acknowledge that firefighters are (to $150,000 worth of people) sexual objects by the very fact that they're publishing a calendar of muscley, shirtless men in their firefighting gear.

So, why not issue some statement saying that they don't condone the behavior but will continue to offer the calendars for $15.99 to support FDNY?

Sounds like pretty good, free marketing for this calendar to me.

* This blog is deliberately avoiding references to this man's penis as a "hose." It's been done. It's not that funny. And I think my indignation should earn me at least a half-hearted attempt on the part of Mister Bookworm to acquire a firefighter costume.

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