July 27, 2007

OBloggers' Posts of the Week

On Fridays, the OBloggers send out their posts of the week. We're not very good about the habit, yet, but in order to build an incentive for others and for me, I'm going to try sharing some link love to these posts.

Rational Jenn talks about Parenting with Objectivist Principles and taught me the word "peopleguy" which you may expect to turn up here now and then.

Craig Biddle ran off to the god forsaken land of California, the land of fruits and nuts, and unearthed some decent philosophical detective work by a journalist. From Slate no less! It's a crazy world.

And I sent a link to my post about nuking flies.

That's all the OBloggers who sent their best posts in today. More may come in over the weekend, but they will be TOO late!

So, OBloggers, if you're reading, be sure to send your links out early on Friday to make it into my round up!

Update: Ergo sent his in just before I started shutting my machine down. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it's called A Philosopher’s Attempt to Justify Mediocrity. Sounds like that obnoxiously catchy Jimmy Eat World song...

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