July 23, 2007

J'reve les Yeux Ouverts

Mister Bookworm offers the following calling it his "half-hearted penance for distracting [me] from [my] book all weekend":

Scotsman.com: Rowling poised to work her magic on classic tale of underworld hero

JK ROWLING'S next major project is set to feature a charismatic hero who uses magic powers to overcome diabolical and grotesque adversaries.

Yet the next chapter of the author's literary career is expected to focus on Orpheus rather than Harry Potter.

Edinburgh-based publishing firm Canongate has offered Rowling the chance to retell the adventures of the legendary Greek hero, who is best known for attempting to rescue his wife Eurydice from the underworld.

Rowling has already expressed an interest in covering the classics after her studies in Greek and Roman mythology at Exeter University in the 1980s, and now Canongate has invited her to become its latest celebrity writer to contribute to its best-selling Myths series.


Penning a book based on the classics might bring critical acclaim for Rowling, but the fee, which normally doesn't reach much higher than a five-figure sum for such works, would be a barely noticeable addition to her estimated 545m fortune.

A host of characters in the Harry Potter series - from Chiron the centaur to Fluffy the monstrous three-headed dog - were directly inspired by Rowling's love of ancient mythology.

A literary insider said: "She has expressed an interest in updating the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, but the whole thing is being kept under wraps so not to overshadow the launch of the final Harry Potter book."

It is understood that the invitation was made personally to Rowling by Canongate owner Jamie Byng. The publisher launched the acclaimed Myths series in 2005.

Mister Bookworm can't fool me. I know that he is completely and utterly unrepentant. Adding to the litany of sins and deviant behavior, this article only tempts me with more books to read.

An entire series of modernized myths? Sounds like fun!

But he knows that I am not supposed to add books to my book list (he's added four books to my pile already) until I reduce the size of the pile significantly.

Yes, this one is quite wicked and will have to be punished.

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