July 19, 2007


I don't like people pestering me at work. I tend to be extremely relaxed and methodical about things and my most frequent sources of stress are people who

- Want me to do their jobs for them
- Freak out when freaking out is not warranted
- Spend a great portion of every project looking for ways to blame someone else for something.
- Cannot communicate clearly.

Usually these problems do not come to me from the developers I work with directly.

I care for my developers. I protect them from pointless meetings. I guard them from conversations with the people who do the things I listed above. I lavish them with praise and I lodge my criticisms discretely.

But today I was stricken mightily to the core of my being when one of my developers disappointed me. He let me down.

Granted, he's a new guy. I think he's still getting familiar with our systems.

But still.

He failed to meet even the basic functional requirements of the project.

So, here I am sticking up for him, defending him, protecting him... and it turns out he was doing it very, very wrong the whole time.

I do not like being disappointed.

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