July 19, 2007

Rumors of my Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

CNN: Air clean, dust still a concern after New York steam pipe burst

NEW YORK (CNN) -- No asbestos was detected in the air Thursday after a steam pipe burst in Midtown in Manhattan the day before, killing one person and wounding 26 others as the ruptured pipe sent thick plumes of smoke and ash into the air.


The New York Fire Department said three firefighters and one police officer were treated on scene for minor injuries. The other 22 injured were transported to various hospitals, a fire department spokesman said.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the person who died suffered from cardiac arrest.

The New York Fire Department said it received a call reporting an explosion at 5:56 p.m. More than 170 firefighters were dispatched to the site at Lexington Avenue near 41st Street.

Hundreds of people fled as dozens of police, fire and utility workers arrived. Officials said the explosion was not related to terrorism.

I was in Chinatown last night when all of this went down. The Bookworm and I were shopping for cologne and shoes as I mentioned yesterday. We stopped in the H&M down on Broadway & Spring to look at clothes. I wound up getting some socks and undies there.

Anyway, the clerk at H&M informed us that there was a bomb in the Times Square subway station and all the subways on the east side were shut down.

This greatly vexed me because 1) I don't like bombs and 2) I need those trains to get home.

So, Mister Bookworm and I went back down through Chinatown to sup at this vegetarian dim sum place he had heard of. (He's veggie. I don't know if I've mentioned that.)

Thinking that train service would be improved, we went to try to N/R/W uptown, but when we got to the station, there was a train there but it was out of service, so we walked further west and got on a 1 train to Times Square.

After he and I parted ways, I went to the N/Q/R/W tracks and found that service was restored and I made it home safe and sound.

I found out later that it wasn't a bomb, but a ruptured steam pipe that caused the explosion.

Today, I'm wearing my new shoes, socks, cologne and underwear and I have one complaint: these underwear from H&M, while quite comfortable, have a long tag right in the back which dangles down the cleft between my buttocks. It is a MOST disconcerting sensation so I went to the bathroom just now to cut it out. Sweet relief.

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