July 02, 2007


I think my desktop computer is dying or dead. I can't seem to get it to start up.

I'm running Windows XP and it starts going through the startup process, but when it gets to the point where it would ordinarily load my desktop and everything, it gets stuck and it just keeps blinking at about 5 second intervals and it never fully displays the desktop image or icons.

I don't use my desktop very much, but it is where I keep all my original files and my "heavy" programs like Adobe Photoshop. It's what I use when I really need to sit down and work.


It has all of my photos and music and documents.

Any thoughts on this, folks?

Posted by Flibbertigibbet at July 2, 2007 08:23 PM | TrackBack

you can use any linux live cd.
here is a list, i recommend Knoppix.
and burn on a cd/dvd all of you'rs music and files.

Posted by: kavod at July 3, 2007 01:24 AM


Great tip. Thanks.

How does that help me start my computer and get my files back, though?

Posted by: Flibbert at July 3, 2007 07:46 AM

You have a problem with your OS(windows), live cd is an alternative OS that does not need installation.
So after you will run it, it would recognize windows file system, so you can burn your files into a cd/dvd using one of it's included program.

Posted by: kavod at July 3, 2007 09:17 AM

Oooo... Fancy!

I'll give it a shot.


Posted by: Flibbert at July 3, 2007 09:44 AM

Buy a Mac. And no that doesn't help with your current situation but should for future issues. :)

Posted by: Britton at July 3, 2007 10:51 AM

Actually, my next computer purchase is very likely going to be a Mac. But I don't want to buy a new computer right now.

Posted by: Flibbert at July 3, 2007 11:02 AM

After you save your files, you could try reformatting your computer.

Posted by: Ritu at July 3, 2007 03:14 PM

Keeping lots of real files and folders on the desktop is a well-known way to make Windows crawl. You can put a folder shortcut on your desktop to reach those files more quickly, but the real directory and files should be somewhere in your My Documents folder and not on the desktop.

Posted by: Andrew Dalton at July 4, 2007 02:09 AM

Aargh, not one helpful suggestion so far! He wants to fix his computer, not switch to Linux!

Hit f8 as it starts up to get the boot menu. Select "last known good configuration." If that doesn't boot, then restart, hitting f8 again and this time try booting in safe mode. If that doesn't do it, then grab your windows CD and attempt to repair your installation. If that fails, you can install windows again over your existing copy and shouldn't lose any data or settings. (You may have to tweak some settings back to your preferences, depending)

In any case, when you get it running, clear your desktop of clutter and run a virus scan and spyware scan. Then run a disk check on your hard drive for bad sectors. Then maybe defragment it. Most likely, it is one of these things that caused the problem and not your operating system. Windows catches a lot of flak for things that are not in fact its fault.

Posted by: Inspector at July 4, 2007 04:04 AM

Actually, kavod's suggestion was a very good one; he wasn't saying to switch to Linux, but just to use a Linux boot CD to mount the hard drive and backup important data before messing around with the actual Windows install. Something like the "Ultimate Boot CD" (www.ultimatebootcd.com) could be used for the same purpose.

Posted by: FluxCapacitor at July 4, 2007 04:27 AM

Alright, sorry, it was a little harsh. It just sounded like he got a Windows bashing session instead of help fixing his problem.

Backing up his files is okay, but kind of a last resort. I would think he would want to try to actually fix his problem first.

And Andrew's suggestion is good, too, just not really an avenue to fixing the problem as such.

Posted by: Inspector at July 5, 2007 03:01 AM

I mean if his Ford broke down and he was stuck on the side of the road asking how to get it started again, and people said to him, "Ford sucks; buy a Chevy!" then that would be kind of rude, no?

Posted by: Inspector at July 5, 2007 03:04 AM

So what happened, Flib? Does it live... again?

Posted by: Inspector at July 9, 2007 04:53 PM

I haven't tried it yet. It's been hot in the apartment and I've wanted to wait until I can make it cool in there again. Right now, it's sitting unplugged waiting for my tender affections.

Posted by: Flibbert at July 9, 2007 05:03 PM
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