May 23, 2007


I am in SUCH a foul mood right now.

First, we had this party after work at the office for a coworker who was moving on to a better opportunity. So, there I was enjoying myself when I decided to step back to my desk to check my email and start packing to leave. There were two emails in my inbox mentioning an error on a page. The page isn't live yet, so it's ok. It can wait until tomorrow.

But no sooner have I skimmed these emails, when one of the people who sent one of the emails comes over and says, "Hey! There's a problem with this page."

REALLY? It's a good thing you told me because I was just stricken with acute illiteracy. I'm writing this blog post, in fact, via a machine not very unlike the one Stephen Hawking uses.

So, not only did he send me an email about it, but he came over to tell me about it. That would piss me off even during business hours, but this was AFTER HOURS when everyone (but me) is standing around drinking beer and chit-chatting. Further, it wasn't even an emergency and he knows DAMN well that there's nothing I could do about it with all my developers either tipsy or at home.

Then, I was going to go to a party this evening to which I was invited by someone I don't know well. I asked a friend of mine to go with me explaining the situation and the fact that I didn't want to go alone. She demurred asking to be allowed to consider it a little longer. I pressed saying that if she didn't feel like it, then I would need to ask someone else. She waited until 10am this morning to tell me that she wouldn't attend the party.

I asked two other friends but they were busy and couldn't make it.

It didn't matter, though, because by the time I hoofed it uptown to this party, I quickly learned that the party was not happening. I called my acquaintance and he apologized for not notifying me.

Then, I walked behind every tourist, yokel, mouth-breather, ass-dragger, slow-poke, and dipshit in Manhattan on my way to the subway. Perfectly infuriated, I caused several people to apologize and scurry away with a glance from my death ray vision. Then, I climbed into the most crowded N train I'd ever been on at that time of evening where my personal space was invaded repeatedly and unnecessarily by this guy next to me who -- for reasons that aren't clear to anyone -- kept leaning backwards while reading his book. I was also repeatedly sodomized by this short, Latino woman's shopping bag which declined my invitation to coffee.

Then, I walked behind the same asshats from before to my apartment where I tripped going up the stairs.

But, you know what makes it ok?

Fleet Week is in full effect.

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