April 21, 2007

Three and counting!

If any of you have seen me without my shirt on (and if you've been reading this blog, you have) you'll note that I don't have any chest hair.

That's not quite true. For the longest time, I have had TWO chest hairs.

One of them grows about three inches south of my collar bone, slightly to the left of the cleft between my [bulging] pectoral muscles.

The second grows about one inch below my [rock hard] left pectoral muscle.

Totally random.

Well, I have found a THIRD chest hair. It was about two inches south of my collar bone and off to the right.

Soon, Hugh Jackman will be driven insane with jealousy over my manly, chest pelt that he can't help but run his hands all over me... and do other stuff, too, including but not limited to smooching.

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