April 17, 2007

Suicide Attempt

So, this evening, I was sitting here watching television and chatting and reading/writing on the internet. And my ex-boyfriend, the Good Doctor, IMed me to tell me that he's being sued.

You see, he's a doctor, and there is some malpractice suit looming over him. Based on what he's told me, he doesn't need to worry much about it, but he's a worrier. He said he had lots of problems he was worried about.

So, we were discussing it and he was basically just bemoaning his bad fortune. I applied several different approaches to convincing him that he could manage these problems, but he wouldn't hear of it.

He probably wanted me to commiserate, but his worries were rapidly spiraling to general self-loathing.

And we're chatting and he starts talking about how he contemplates suicide.

At first it was very vague, distant, and not present, but as the discussion progressed, he brought the threat more to the present. I kind of thought it was a joke, because he jokes like that sometimes.

But he kept with it and I started thinking he was serious.

Near the end of our conversation, I became firmly convinced that he was serious.

[22:09] The Good Doctor: yeah, well I'm at the near terminus of my life, and wish to bid all those friends along the way adieu

[22:09] Flibby: No, you're not.
[22:09] Flibby: Seriously, stop talking like that.
[22:09] Flibby: You aren't near the end of your life.
[22:09] Flibby: And you should not consume alcohol, ever.
[22:10] Flibby: Particularly when you're stressed like this.

[22:10] The Good Doctor: alcohol saved my life tonight

[22:10] Flibby: You need to call your therapist or something.

[22:10] The Good Doctor: and the valium
[22:11] The Good Doctor: well I just want to to remember the good times we had and how much I appreciated our friendhip
[22:11] The Good Doctor: etc

[22:11] Flibby: You know I hate mushy shit like that.
[22:11] Flibby: Stop being moribund and call your therapist.
[22:12] Flibby: Tell him that you've been drinking alcohol AND taking valium.

[22:12] The Good Doctor: lots of valium

[22:12] Flibby: Are you serious?
[22:12] Flibby: How much valium?

[22:12] The Good Doctor: about 6 of them

[22:12] Flibby: Because I will dial 911 and send them to your house.

[22:13] The Good Doctor: it's cool, valium is very weak

[22:13] Flibby: which you've combined with alcohol.
[22:13] Flibby: And you're in an emotional state in which your judgment on such matters is impaired.

[22:13] The Good Doctor: ha, it's the plastic bag over the head that does you in

[22:14] Flibby: I'm not joking with you.
[22:14] Flibby: I'm going to dial 911.

[22:14] The Good Doctor: well you can do it, but I'm not at home

[22:14] Flibby: Where are you?

[22:15] The Good Doctor: undsiclosed location in Atlanta
[22:15] The Good Doctor: I just need some sleep
[22:15] The Good Doctor: I 've been crying all alfternoon

[22:15] Flibby: So, it won't hurt for me to send cops to your house.
[22:15] Flibby: What's your address again?

[22:15] The Good Doctor: not gonna happen
[22:16] The Good Doctor: fucking worthless life I lead
[22:17] The Good Doctor: oh well, no sense bugging you about it, you will have a wonderful life, I'm sure

[22:17] *** "The Good Doctor" signed off at Tue Apr 17 22:17:57 2007.

First, I called 911 here in New York and asked to be connected to Atlanta 911. They informed me that they are not information but emergency services.

Can I complain for a second about the inability of emergency service systems not being able to reach one another quickly and easily? In this day and age of telecommunications, this befuddles me.

So, I googled Atlanta Georgia Emergency 911. That produced no helpful results.

Finally, I dialed 411 and asked to be connected to emergency services in Atlanta and they got it right.

What an ordeal.

Anyway, I gave them all of his information (I had his address on hand.) and they said they would dispatch police and ambulance services to his house.

We'll see if I ever hear from him again. If I do, we're not friends any more.

Update: I got a text message from him just now (Wednesday, lunchtime) saying he's ok.

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