April 05, 2007

Life in Cubes

I love the guy who shares my cube with me. He's smart and funny. He's polite and interesting to talk to.


Every morning he eats a bowl of the crunchiest cereal in the whole world and I have to sit here and listen to him chew. That sound is absolutely nauseating to me.

Posted by Flibbertigibbet at April 5, 2007 08:05 AM | TrackBack

He-he! I also like to crunch something!

Posted by: Amily at April 6, 2007 03:03 AM

I guess he is a fucking idiot too. Is there anything that doesn't nauseate you?

Posted by: Eric at April 6, 2007 04:18 AM

You guessed wrong, Eric. You're also banned from commenting on my site further.

Posted by: Flibby at April 6, 2007 08:00 AM
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