January 30, 2007

Drama Called Off on Account of the Weather

Or something. I called my mom last night to tell her that Cousin Booger knows I'm gay.

She really didn't have much of a response. I was hoping for some kind of wailing and gnashing of teeth or at least a flurry of mascara.

No, instead she started telling me about how Cousin Booger is thinking of proposing to his girlfriend. I think that would probably be another in a long line of unwise or ill-timed decisions in his life, but that's his business.

So, it's looking more and more like the rednecks I'm related to aren't going to make this the show I really wanted it to be. I think if I were actually there to stir the pot, then things might be more exciting. As is, I doubt I will hear much more about it.


The weather man better not be lying to me again about the snow or this will be one big week of disappointment. It's supposed to snow some more today and later this week, but I've heard that static before.

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