December 26, 2006

More on my Sister

I've called her twice this morning and I haven't heard from her. Because she takes after my dad so often, particularly in her tendency to sleep for hours numbering in the double digits, I'm worried that she won't be here in time to get me to the airport.

Fortunately, if she is too late, I have the keys to one of my parents' other cars and I can drive myself. Unfortunately, that means my parents will be burdened with making another trip to Jacksonville to get their car back.

She had better get here on time!

P.S. In a show of support for a fellow fighterfighter who has cancer and has lost his hair due to chemo, many of the firefighters in my sister's station shaved their heads bald. My sister opted for a buzz cut. I officially have the longer hair between the two of us. (It has always been the better in terms of style.)

Update: Hobag called and is on her way. She sounds like she had a bowl of bitchyflakes this morning, too. I can't wait to spend two hours in her tiny car!

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