December 24, 2006

My Sister is Such a Dyke

My sister last night strolled over to the couch last night, flopped down and announced in a deep, gruff voice, "I had to crack open a Saturn Sky the other day. Talk about a tin car."

No one had been talking about cars, Saturn cars, or her use of the jaws of life.

She's a firefighter.

I wish she would just come out of the closet. I think there's a chance that if she found a girlfriend that she wouldn't be such an insufferable bore and, perhaps, even a little pleasant.

Who knows? I just know that I don't want to talk about cracking open cars because I do not care about that at all.

I'm sure more stories of her lesbionic powers of wonder will follow. I can't just run to the computer every time, so I will update you when I can.

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