December 21, 2006

Silent Night

So, did you know that Christmas is, like, Monday? Yeah, the Monday that's coming up after this weekend that is almost here.

Did you finish your shopping? Fortunately, I got all mine done the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. (This, people, is why I am sometimes an overwhelminingly competent project manager.)

But I have to get on an airplane tonight and go to Georgia. Actually, before all that, I have to:

- Buy a cheesecake.
- Go to work.
- Get a haircut.
- Figure out how I'm going to get to LaGuardia, hopefully without spending more than $15.
- Walk around a lot with my luggage in tow.

So, yeah, Georgia, here I come. Woo. No, that should be, "Woo. Woo." Because that's how enthused I am about it.

Five days.


It's raining there.

They don't have big buildings there.

They don't have Manhattan there and that should be reason enough.

Five days.

With my family.


I'm not really looking forward to it at all.

There's dirt and bugs and wild animals... and my cousins.

I haven't been blogging because I haven't had much to say, really. This isn't the forum where I talk about the news. My personal life is... quiet. Work is rocking on.

So, anyway, that's about it.

Georgia, I'm coming for you.

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