December 12, 2006

Holiday Party Professionalism, Networking, and Manners

I have this friend who works for a pretty cool company that I am sort of interested in for one of my next jobs. So, he's a good connection as well as a fun guy to hang out with now and then. This past weekend he and I were out on the town and he said, "Hey! You should come with me to my company Christmas party! It'll be fun!"

And he described the open bar and the ice skating rink they had rented out. Drinking + Ice Skating. What could present a better networking opportunity or more hilarity?

So, I happily accepted his invitation.

On Monday, when I asked him about the details, he was vague and sort of reluctant. (It's hard to read people on Instant Messenger.) He mentioned some other friend that he was going to see at the gym and some other things and basically tried to talk about something else.

I was annoyed with that because I'm a planner. I like to know what's going to happen in advance. When I get up in the morning, I like to know what trains I'm going to ride that day. That sort of thing.

So, today, I asked him again about the party and he was vague again and I decided to call him on it.

Flibby: Is it still cool that I come along with you? I don't want to crash your company party or anything. Friend: i think its ok. the invite says bring a guest and kids are welcome... Friend: so ur my guest and [his friend] is my kid ;-) Flibby: hahahahaaaa... Flibby: Well, I really appreciate the invitation and I would love to be there, but if you've already used your guest invite on Erica, I don't think I should overburden the guest list.

By my interpretation of this discussion, I think he had already invited his friend and inviting me was a decision made under the influence of alcohol and now he's uncertain about it.

I have my doubts that I will be attending that party although he took pains later in the conversation to say that he thought it would be ok and that he would call me when he got to the party to see if it's ok that I attend.

I'm not hopeful and I'm only mildly annoyed by this. Yeah, he could have been more upfront with me about his reluctance, but these things happen. It's not the end of the world and there are other things to do tonight.

I was invited to another holiday party by another friend of mine and there's a birthday party for yet another friend that is happening tonight, too.

The biggest disappointment is not having the opportunity to make connections with folks at his company. It would be nice to meet some of those people before they see my resume in a few months.

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