November 28, 2006

They're Gone!

This visit wasn't so bad except for my dad getting the flu and sleeping for most of the last couple of days. He did get up and walk around Chinatown and Soho with us yesterday, but he looked like a zombie the whole time.

I'm glad my parents have gone home. I tried to tell them during their last visit that my studio apartment is just too small for all of us. This visit wasn't nearly as bad because my sister wasn't here.

My sister did manage to piss me off, though.

Sometime in July, my sister asked me for copies of the photos I took during their visit in May. I said, "Sure. I'll FTP them to my server and you can download them."

She didn't have the internet, though. She wanted me to do something else.

I said, "Well, I guess I could burn them to CD."

She loved that idea, of course. She also expected me to ship them to her free of charge. She's a mooch like that.

I told her I had little intention of doing it soon, though. I would burn it when I got the chance.

So, she called me a couple of times over the next few months asking if I had done.

"No. I told you I would do it eventually," I said calmly but with that steely edge to my voice that let her know I was about to refuse to do her the favor.

Eventually, I told her that I would burn it and give it to Mom and Dad when they came up for Thanksgiving.

She called before their visit to remind me. I said I would and there was no problem.

She called during their visit to remind me. I said I would and there was no problem.

She called mom during their visit to remind me. IT WAS DONE AND THERE IS NO PROBLEM.

She called AGAIN to make sure that I burned the CD and that they did not forget it.

At that point, I started screaming my threats to throw the blasted thing down the trash chute.

My sister is the sort of person who has no compunction about asking other people to move Mt. Fuji for her out of their kindness of their hearts, but also will whine and fuss to get out of doing anything for those same people.

She brags about putting herself through college all by herself. That's a lie. She accepted financial support from both me and my parents. What ires me about this is what caused me to cut off my support to her: she was lying about needing the money.

She would say things about not being able to pay rent or the electric bill and so, of course, we would give her some money.

It turns out she had a couple thousand dollars in the bank and even purchased a cruise vacation at one point.

During her last visit, she complained so much and acted like such a bitch that she's not welcome to stay in my house any more. We didn't fight about it or anything. She's just not invited.

I told my mom they would have to stay in a hotel next time and my mom quickly identified the problem.

My parents are significantly less obtrusive, but they still irritate me with their craziness.

So, I'm glad they're gone. The next time I see them will be for Christmas in which I am going to their house, which has several rooms and plenty of space for spreading out and getting away from the rest of them.

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I understand your feelings...I love my parents but now when I don't live with them it's difficult for me to communicate with them every day

Posted by: Rob at December 4, 2006 08:51 PM