September 11, 2006

The Book of Chronicles

I was talking to my dear friend, Buddhista, yesterday and I was telling her that this year is looking really bright for me. I feel strong and positive about the direction of things in my life right now. This may be the best year of my life so far.

I wish I could say that each year has been better than the last, but that's not true. I've had some reallly bad years. Here's how things have gone since I turned 18.

18 - OK year. Awkward. I was graduating from highschool. I was coming to some realizations about my life and my friends. But I was looking forward to college.

19 - Started college. Met my best friend. Kind of a rough year for us since we were roommates and I was having a rough time trying to figure things out.

20 - BAD year. I went into a deep depression, withdrew from friends, basically wandered around without solid direction to my life. Figured out that I'm gay.

21- Good year. First love came and went. It hurt. A LOT. But I had some good friends around me. Figured more out about how I want to live my life.

22 - Better year. Getting ready to graduate. Came out to more people. Grew more confident and comfortable in my life. Found my first job. Loved it.

23 - AWESOME year. Seriously, best year of my life. Work was going great. I was loving it. No romance, but had good friends. Started running. Found Objectivism. Felt great about life over all.

24 - Another great year. Nothing remarkable, but stayed on track and felt good.

25 - A pretty good year. Job troubles started.

26 - Another OK year. Job troubles continue to grow, but nothing too bad. Attempted a brief romance that didn't work out. First time dating in a couple of years at this point.

27 - Terrible year. I was over my old job, but in denial about how much I hated it. Job troubles continued to escalate. Ended an 11 month relationship that wasn't going anywhere.

28 - Not as emotionally painful as 20, but barren, disappointing, and just disheartening. Life seemed to be trudging along and going no where. So, I quit my job that I was hating and moved to New York. Things started looking up.

I'm 29 now. The upward arc I started in 28 with quitting that horrible job and moving to the city I love continues.

I've retained a little bit of cynicism that I gained during 27 & 28, but that is slowly melting away as I get back on my game.

I'm in better shape now than I think I've ever been. My job is looking up after several really boring months. I do expect to find a new job in early 2007. For my 30th birthday, I want to make a nice trip somewhere and hopefully a few of my close friends will be able to go with me. I'm going to continue training and working out; I'm giving thought to trying to join one of the sports teams here in the city, like soccer, frisbee, or football.

So, anyway, it looks like it's going to be a good year.


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