September 01, 2006

My Fat Belly

So, my weight training is going well. I'm building some muscle, but I do need to work out a couple more times a week to see better results.

But one thing I am not pleased about is that I'm getting a bit of a belly. It's not out of control or anything yet, but I can totally see it and I am not happy about it.

Ergo, I've started back running.

Interestingly, I'm not nearly as out of shape as I thought.

Today, I ran 6 miles in 52:16. That's not super fast, but the distance alone is an accomplishment for someone who hasn't been training at all.

Of course, now I'm sitting on my couch unwilling to get up even to get more water.

I just hope this belly thing gets gone with a quickness. I'm so not loving it.

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