August 18, 2006

Overheard at the Office

There's this guy I work with who is very smart, but very bitter and not reliable at all. He likes to be the guy who knows everything and is weighed down by all the idiots around him. He is just too busy and too smart to stick to silly things like project plans and deadlines.

Well, I got fed up with this and had to find someone else to help me on a project. He had a very simple, 15 minute request to fulfill -- something I would have done myself, but he has refused to train me on how to do it because he thinks I'm stupid -- but he said it would take him a "couple of days." That was four days ago, so I had to get someone else to help.

As soon as I wrote saying I was getting help elsewhere, he jumps in and starts responding quickly and completes the request.

So, in reference to this guy, this morning:

Flibby: Superman saves you all the time, not just when you threaten to go to Batman for help.

I guess that's funnier without the preceding rant about that asshole I work with.

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