June 25, 2006

Happy Gay Day!

I went to the NYC Gay Pride Parade today. It was fun, but very, very long.

I saw bare breasts, exposed penises, bare butts, leather, lace, motorcycles, roller skates, stilts, jock straps, thongs, men, women, and things in between.

I got free condoms, free lube, free facial moisturizer, free candy, free bracelets, free beads, free pamplets, and free stickers.

I saw lipstick lesbians, drag queens, bull dykes, muscle bears, fat bears, daddies, twinks, jocks, drag kings, priests, go-go dancers, and a senator named Schumer.

I got sprayed by water guns, doused with glitter, rained on, stared at, ignored, overheard, and misunderstood.

It took about 6 hours to get it all done.

Next year, I think I will try to attend the street fair on Saturday and just do the parade on Sunday. I'll make sure that I have plans for Friday night, Saturday night, and for Sunday evening after the parade. Also, I think I'll take the day off on Monday so that I can be worn out and possibly hung over the next day.

It was a fun time, but the lack of direction and complete chaos of it all tried my patience. I'm glad to be in my apartment right now, but kind of wish I were out having drinks with friends instead. Oh well.

This was a good first Gay Day for me in NYC.

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