June 20, 2006

Missed Photo Opportunity

I carry a camera with me pretty much everywhere I go. I think that I might see something interesting to photograph at any minute.

Yesterday, I had an awesome opportunity:

I was in the subway heading downtown and there was a guy standing on the platform with his back to me. He was wearing a wifebeater and if it weren't for all of his tattoos he might have been kind of hot in that sweaty, muscular, hairy guy way. Because his back was to me, I could clearly see the tattoos that ran down his triceps: WHITE PRIDE.

Yes, one arm said, "WHITE" and the other said "PRIDE."

I got my camera out and tried to situate myself to surreptitiously snap a photo, but I couldn't get it. His friends kept glancing toward me and eventually he turned to put his back against a column.

So, unfortunately, I couldn't get a photo to show you. All I got was this lousy t-shirt.

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